British Captcha’s

Bored with having to identify American 'sidewalks', traffic lights and shopfronts, I had a go at designing some British Captcha tests. Whoah - it even got it's own article in online comedy mag The Poke, where I was described as a 'funny Tweeter', which may well be the highpoint of my life to date.

10 Items From the Screwfix Catalogue Which Could be Rappers, DJs or 1980s Pop Acts

Turbo Silver — Flomaster — Robus Triangular — Boston Flashband — MK Sentry — Masterplug 3 Way Splitter — Timbadeck — Mapei Ultraplan — Stikatak — Wolfcraft Master —

Winter Tips

I’m no expert, but I’ve learnt a thing or two whilst keeping warm during the winter, and plenty of these tips will help you save cash too! Feel free to share! Turn your central heating down by 1 degree and on average you’ll save over £100 a year on heating bills. Well, do the math(s),... Continue Reading →

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