Secret message in NHS Flu letter

On the day of the Trafalgar Square anti-lockdown protests, a letter from the NHS arrives reminding me of the impending flu jab for one of my kids. So far so normal, right? Well, I looked a little closer, and what did I find? The dark truth behind Bill Gates and NHS flu vaccinations...


I've seem some scary, dystopian sci-fi in my time but this one about a data-driven nightmare future run by creatures incapable of human emotions really shook me up.

What’s Dominic Cummings up to? #cummingswatch

A series of images to track what the planet-sized brain of Dominic Cummings is up to... #whatscummingsupto It's bin day, I caught him rifling through my recycling. When challenged he said he was 'attempting to infer voter intention through yogurt brand usage' Caught him poking his head over the toilet door. when I asked what... Continue Reading →

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