British Captcha’s

Bored with having to identify American 'sidewalks', traffic lights and shopfronts, I had a go at designing some British Captcha tests. Whoah - it even got it's own article in online comedy mag The Poke, where I was described as a 'funny Tweeter', which may well be the highpoint of my life to date.

Christmas TV Highlights

I’ve done the hard work for you and previewed the key shows on TV over the next few days that you CANNOT afford to miss. Enjoy! A Christmas Corbyn: Family Disney retelling of the Dickins classic. Starring Mickey Rooney as the leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition. Comedy abounds as Ebeneezer Corbyn is called a... Continue Reading →

Worst Selling Christmas Singles of All Time

Christmas singles — like them or loathe them, you simply can’t avoid them. And whilst most people like to think of their favourite tracks at this time of year, I’ve compiled a list of the tunes that simply failed to chart and have been written out of musical history. All right pop pickers? Let’s rock!... Continue Reading →

10 Items From the Screwfix Catalogue Which Could be Rappers, DJs or 1980s Pop Acts

Turbo Silver — Flomaster — Robus Triangular — Boston Flashband — MK Sentry — Masterplug 3 Way Splitter — Timbadeck — Mapei Ultraplan — Stikatak — Wolfcraft Master —

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