What’s Dominic Cummings up to? #cummingswatch

A series of images to track what the planet-sized brain of Dominic Cummings is up to… #whatscummingsupto

It’s bin day, I caught him rifling through my recycling. When challenged he said he was ‘attempting to infer voter intention through yogurt brand usage’

Dominic Cummings emptying the bins

Caught him poking his head over the toilet door. when I asked what he was up to, told me he could predict the size of the Tory majority by the firmness and colour of my stools.

Dominic Cummings in a toilet cubicle

Caught him hiding in the shelves in @pret
When I asked him what he was doing, he said he ‘could predict voter sentiment in swing seats based on sandwich filling’

Dominic Cummings in a Pret A Manger

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